Building for contemporary lifestyles with a classic approach.



Home REnovationS

Large scale home renovation for family of four in Coral Gables, Florida


A unique home built for your unique lifestyle


A custom home is a one-of-a-kind home that is designed specifically for your needs, your style, and most importantly, your lifestyle. Most custom homes begin with a specific location, allowing the opportunity to control layout, lot size, and accessibility.  



Restore, repair, add and improve.


Whether you've grown out of your house or feel out of date with today's trends and technology, a home renovation allows you to build upon the best attributes of your home while updating and customizing those you are ready to let go.



Maximizing potential while respecting parameters


Renovating inside a condominium or even a smaller scale apartment complex is the perfect opportunity to hire a professional. With over -- years of experience working with codes, inspections, and limitations of condominiums, I can assure...